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Richard Painter

I have over 40 years experience working in and with the public sector.  My most recent role in Central Government was leading the development of commercial policy for commissioners.  Prior to that, my experience has ranged from working on the front line with unemployed people, through to local office management, working at regional level and leading policy development in Government Departments.  My policy experience also includes developing policy on Children’s Trusts, Commissioning, School Security, and developing the pilot programmes for the first Positive Activities for Young People programme.  I have also managed the contract with the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority and led the development of guidance for the health and safety of pupils on educational visits. 

Since leaving Central Government, my roles have included advising senior officers in local government about issues such as efficiency, commissioning, creating a market for school support, bringing together adults' and children's services and helping to develop a new programme to identify sector specialists in local Government who can provide peer support to other councils. I have provided keynote speeches and workshops at national and local events, and I am currently Chair of a working group developing national guidance for the management of outdoor learning, off site visits and learning outside the classroom. I have completed some work for one of the big national charities, helping them to identify the steps they need to take in order to scale up their services, including an understanding of how to work better with commissioners.  I have also led a formal investigation into a project that was believed to be failing, including writing and presenting my report to the organisation's Board of Directors.  

Angela Painter

I have a range of experience in the public and private sectors, ranging from being a national insurance inspector through sales and contracts in the music business, to most recently the role of school business manager.  I have experience in finance, contracts, school organisation and research.  

Our interests are in leadership, change, and entrepreneurship in the public sector.  

Particularly in relation to the children, young people and families sector
Our guiding principles
How will what we do improve people’s lives? 

How can we make life easier for people responsible for delivery?